I get asked this question a lot, so here it is! This is what I’m currently listening to.  It doesn’t change too frequently but I will make sure this page is regularly updated. :)

Room 1 (Living Room): 

19.6’L x 12.6’W x 8.8’H

Turntable - Technics SL1200 Mk.2 (KAB modified)
Cartridge - Ortofon 2M Black

Streamer - Allo DigiOne Streamer (DietPi OS)

Amp/DAC/Phonostage - Vinnie Rossi LIO Modular Integrated Amplifier (+ LIO DSD/PCM DAC, Phonostage, Preamp stage w/ 2 x E88CC triodes, Mosfet power output stage)

Speakers - Rogers LS3/5A (15 Ohm)
Speaker Stands - Skylan (27”)

Cables - AudioQuest
Rack - Salamander Modular Open Stand (soon to change!)


In and out: Fisher 800C (maintained by Blackie Pagano), Lehmann Black Cube SE II, Schiit Modi 3 

Room 2 (Office):

19.8’L x 11.8’W x 9’H

Source - MacBook Pro
Audio Interfaces - SPL Crimson V2, RME Babyface (original) 
Cables - AudioQuest Cinnamon USB, Mogami Gold 1/4”-XLR
Speakers - Adam A5X, Adam Sub8 (atop IsoAcoustics platforms) 


AKG K701
Astell&Kern/Beyerdynamic AKT1p
AudioQuest NightHawk 
AudioQuest NightOwl
Beyerdynamic DT880
FiiO FA7
Final Audio F7200
Massdrop x Fostex TH-X00
Sony MDR-1000X
Ultimate Ears Reference Remastered

AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt
FiiO X3K

Full Disclosure: This list combines equipment I’ve purchased at retail cost, equipment I’ve purchased on industry accommodation, equipment I’ve been gifted, and equipment I hold on long-term loan. I do not currently contribute editorial content to any audiophile publications but I feel that it is important to make this clear for inquiring minds. :)